Buy Health Insurance for Cardiac Patients

With an increase in work-related stress, sedentary living and unhealthy eating habits, cardiac diseases are swiftly on the rise in India. Reports suggest that the incidence of cardiac ailments among young Indians is 12-16% (higher than any other ethnicity), and 5-10% of heart attacks occur in Indian men and women who are below 40 years of age

Cardiac Diseases – Causes and Side Effects

Cardiovascular diseases or coronary artery diseases (commonly termed as Cardiac Diseases) impair the overall healthy functioning of the heart – its muscles, valves, arteries or rhythm. Some of the common cardiac conditions are angina (chest pain), heart attack and stroke, while other forms include congenital heart diseases, arrhythmia, cardiomyopathy and rheumatic heart disease.

Few of the major causes that might lead to cardiac disease are:

  •   High Blood Pressure
  •   Smoking
  •   Increase in Cholesterol levels
  •   Diabetes
  •   Obesity
  •   Inactivity
  •   Family history of heart diseases

Cardiac diseases can be managed by making changes in one's lifestyle and diet, and taking medication to control one’s blood pressure. However, if left untreated, they might lead to long-term life-threatening issues such as:

  •   Stroke
  •   Partial or Full Paralysis
  •   Heart Failure
  •   Kidney Failure

Cardiac diseases are a matter of great concern that require swift and timely medical attention, and urgent hospitalization. Since it is a severe condition, there can be multi-organ complications arising as a result. Extended treatment of all these issues would be extremely expensive and could burn a hole in anyone's pocket. Organizing funds in such emergencies might become an added source of stress to the patients and worsen their condition. Buying health insurance frees a patient from this unnecessary burden.

Advantages of purchasing Health Insurance in case of Cardiac Diseases

  •   Health Insurance gives a cardiac patient the chance to avail appropriate treatment for the heart condition.
  •   The patient may avail of the benefit of a hassle-free and cashless hospital admission process. The need for ready cash is eliminated.
  •   Buying health insurance is also a financial investment for cardiac patients. It provides them with financial security in cases of      sudden hospitalization.
  •   It guarantees a certain peace of mind as investing in a good medical insurance policy means continued access to long-term and comprehensive benefits.

Key Features to Consider Before Purchasing Health Insurance

There are certain factors that all cardiac patients must be aware of before they invest in health insurance of their choice.

  •   Acceptability of Application &/or Loading of Premium: First and foremost, it is important to note that insurers may accept or reject the application for health insurance, based on the severity of cardiac condition experienced by the applicant. In extreme cases, there could be chances of rejection of application owing to high risk factor of insuring the applicant, Moreover, even if the application is accepted, the policy could require a loaded or higher premium, according to the extent of the applicant’s cardiac condition.
  •   Pre-Existing Diseases and Waiting Periods: At the time of purchasing health insurance, the patients must disclose any conditions that they have been suffering from. The insurer and plan may have a compulsory waiting period for pre-existing diseases, during which time the insured member cannot submit claims for clearance. This waiting period will apply even if the policy has been issued after medical tests have been done.  Therefore, it becomes necessary for patients suffering from cardiac and other pre-existing diseases to buy health insurance early in life.
  •   Pre- and post-hospitalization cover: Heart-related conditions require medical attention (diagnostic tests, medications and sometimes, small surgical procedures) prior to getting hospitalized. Some insurers and plans cover extended home-based treatments to the cardiac patient after discharge from the hospital. A health insurance plan that covers pre- and post-hospitalization expenses along with in-patient hospitalization charges would be an ideal choice.
  •   Add-on covers: Some insurers provide added coverage to cardiac patients that allows customization of the health insurance plan for extra premium. For example, some policies extend pre-and post-hospitalization coverage by means of optional cover. Here, the advantage is that you can personalize the product to suit your specific medical needs.
  •   Wellness Benefits: Many insurers offer health check-ups and medical evaluation with their in-house specialists to insured members, to help them regulate their health concerns.
  •   Sub-limits: A sub-limit is a financial cap that insurers place on medical expenses related to certain conditions or procedures. Since the cost of treatment of cardiac issues fall on the higher side, it would be prudent to opt for a health insurance plan without a sub-limit incorporated in the policy terms and conditions.
  •   Deductibles: This term signifies the amount of money that a patient must pay before he can make an insurance claim on his policy. The insurer will step in to make medical payments for the patient only once the deductible amount is reached or exhausted in the bills. If the deductible is too high, the patient may not be able to avail the complete benefit of the health insurance policy.
  •   List of Exclusions: Exclusions i.e. list of illnesses, conditions and procedures that are not covered under the health insurance plan differ from insurer to insurer.   It would be better to go for a plan that has few exclusions mentioned in the policy document.

As with any other financial investment, one must always read all the policy terms and conditions carefully before purchase. All health insurance plans come with Policy Wordings or Customer Information Sheet which contain relevant information pertaining to coverage and related clauses.

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