Wellness Benefits in Health Insurance - how insurers are rewarding you for maintaining good health

Are you active and careful about your food choices? Is your friend of the same age not motivated enough to work out, unlike you? Earlier, both of you had the same health insurance benefits regardless of individual health habits. Thankfully, now you get to be rewarded for your fitness!

Health is an extremely crucial aspect of our well-being, yet it is ignored due to stressful routines and poor lifestyle choices. For many Indians, taking care of your health and well-being is only a priority during sickness or hospitalization. As medical expenses increase, it becomes vital to have health insurance and remain conscious about preventive healthcare, including keeping fit.

Health insurers have begun to reward policyholders for maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the form of Wellness Benefits in their health insurance plans.

What are Wellness Benefits in Health Insurance?

Numerous insurers offer different types of benefits in health insurance policies for maintaining healthy habits. Such wellness benefits aim to promote and improve the overall wellbeing and fitness of the insured members. Wellness programs have recently gained popularity in individual plans because they focus on preventive healthcare. Many Health Insurance plans that are equipped with these wellness features reward the policyholder for prioritizing his or her health.

How to make Wellness Benefits in your Health Insurance Policy work for you!

Fitness and measures to improve health depend on individual motivation and goals. To accommodate diverse interests, insurers have provided different methods for wellness benefits to be used.

  • Starting small: For people beginning their fitness journey, running a marathon can seem like an unattainable goal. In fact, being consistent with a shorter workout routine is better than hitting the gym for hours every day; only to give up within a few weeks. To encourage people to start, actions such as taking 10,000 steps a day can earn you reward points via your health insurance plan. Insurers offer reward points to policyholders who meet the criteria of wellness and fitness measures. Your reward points can be redeemed for OPD consultations or nutrition consultations, for example, depending upon what the insurance company offers.
  • Measured progress: The policyholders’ progress on health goals and actions are regularly monitored through digital devices and / or mobile apps of the health insurance companies. The wellness measures get tracked and recorded, and hitting certain set milestones could enable you to avail various benefits, such as discounts on medical tests or pharmacy bills.
  • Group fitness: For those who enjoy taking classes and having a membership to keep you committed, the wellness benefits could be availed through redeemable vouchers. Depending on the health insurance policy, such vouchers can be used for health supplements, memberships in yoga classes and sports clubs.
  • Social fitness: A promising global trend is that people are becoming conscious about fitness and health. Being active with friends makes exercise even more enjoyable! If you are a part of a running, cycling or trekking group, you can even buy a health insurance policy together with your group mates. These groups take interest in each other's fitness journey and have better health profiles than the average customer. This is a considerable advantage, as you may even be able to claim combined discounts.
  • Financial benefits: Living healthy has its rewards, which can now be monetarily rewarding as well! Depending on the wellness regime you follow in the preceding policy period, you could be offered concessions within the policy. This could be discounts on premium amounts or an increase in the sum insured at the time of renewal of the policy.

A well thought out health insurance plan will support you on your journey to good health! Remember though, that the terms and conditions associated with wellness benefits vary from insurers based on the programs offered under their health insurance plans. Also, the definition of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle could differ from policy to policy.  It is important to not get carried away purely on the basis of the wellness benefits of the health insurance policy, and to check key policy benefits.

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Wish you a healthy and happy life!

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