Is it important to have many diseases included under domiciliary hospitalization?

In today’s uncertain times, health insurance has become a necessity. Having a comprehensive health insurance policy is essential when urgent medical attention is needed, and can reduce financial worries. Hospitalization, medical expenses and medicines can be taken care of, if you purchase a health insurance policy.

However, there are times when health services are required beyond the scope of a hospital. As we have seen with the pandemic, when hospital beds run out, home care becomes crucial. Treating such diseases and injuries may necessitate domiciliary hospitalization.

When is domiciliary hospitalization required?
Domiciliary hospitalization allows policyholders to seek hospital-like treatment from the comfort of their home when they might not be able to avail treatment in a hospital. There are certain terms and conditions which should be fulfilled for a treatment to be categorized as domiciliary hospitalization:

  • The treatment should be for an illness, injury or disease for which hospitalization would be required in normal circumstances.
  • There was a lack of accommodation at a hospital and the patient had to undergo treatment at home
  • The patient’s medical condition does not permit him to be moved to a hospital/ nursing home.
  • The medical treatment availed at home should be for a period of more than 3 days in most cases. This condition, too, varies across different plans and insurers.

Despite the above conditions being met there may be certain exclusions for domiciliary hospitalization. It is always wise to look for those excluded diseases and expenses.

Family members are able to provide support and care for the injured or ill person from the convenience of their home. However, it is important to ensure that the diseases/injury meet the criteria for domiciliary hospitalization as defined in the policy. The more diseases and injuries that are covered, the less stressful it is to organize domiciliary hospitalization during an emergency.

Currently, due to the lack of hospital beds and ICUs, critical Covid-19 patients can be treated under domiciliary hospitalization. Home care provides safety during COVID times as there is no additional exposure and risk. The services include remote monitoring by medical professionals. This feature would be a big saviour for health insurance policyholders during a pandemic.

Having many conditions and illnesses under domiciliary hospitalization means you can get treated from the comfort of your home and not have to pay extra. Especially in present times where hospital beds are few and rare, receiving hospital treatment at home is a blessing. Since this feature is treated similar to hospitalization expenses, you can get your medical claims settled without any hassles with the right health insurance plan. Therefore, having a policy that covers domiciliary hospitalization with several diseases is essential as it ensures that there are few exclusions and issues with claim settlement.

However, not all health insurance plans provide coverage for domiciliary hospitalization. Even in plans where coverage is available, it is crucial to check whether it is inbuilt or provided as an optional cover. In case of an optional cover, an additional premium may be charged. Some plans cover domiciliary hospitalization up to the Sum Insured while in some plans the coverage is restricted. The restriction could be either as a specified amount or depicted as a percentage of the Sum Insured. Domiciliary Hospitalization should be included as a benefit for all health insurance plans bought for senior citizens as they may need this benefit.

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