Importance of investing in Health Insurance for your family


To reduce the monetary risks related to unexpected hospitalization, it is prudent to cover yourself and your family under a comprehensive family health insurance policy. A proper insurance plan would ensure that you can avail quality medical treatment in times of need, without exhausting your savings or weakening your financial stability.

Importance of family health insurance

It is vital that you and your family members are covered under health insurance for long-term well-being. Family health insurance plans provide you with the required coverage as and when anyone in your family comes across a medical emergency.

Medical emergencies can strike anyone at any point in time. With the changing lifestyles of the millennials, increase in stress levels and unhealthy eating habits, a number of people have become more susceptible to various kinds of illnesses, such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension. Other factors contributing to the increase in such health concerns include the rise in pollution in the environment, smoking and lack of exercise.

Moreover, there are always the chances of unfortunate incidents and accidents that can cause harm to one’s health. Taking into account all these concerns, it has become highly important that you insure your parents, children and spouses under a family health insurance plan, as every member of your family requires its coverage as much as you do.

Why do your parents need insurance?

Parents struggle all along to give a good life to their children. It is important that you properly take care of their requirements as they grow old. In most cases, aged individuals are unable to escape severe health ailments. To ensure their good health and reduce their financial strains, it is important that you get them covered under a good health insurance policy.

Why do children need insurance?

Young kids hardly understand the importance of trying to stay healthy. Even as they get a bit older, most children today don’t give enough attention to their health. In fact, they are prone to leading a sedentary lifestyle that can give rise to multiple medical conditions as they grow older. As a parent, the well-being of your kids is your responsibility, and to fulfill it effectively, you must make sure that they are adequately covered by health insurance.

Why does your partner need insurance?

Getting them covered under a proper medical insurance policy shall be a great way to show your care and concern for your better half. After all, your partner in life should also be your partner in good health.

Advantages of family health insurance policies:

  • Easier to manage: They can save you the hassle of maintaining several insurance plans. It can effectively cover your whole family under one plan, and hence you don’t have to remember multiple premium payment dates, renewal dates, and so on.
  • More affordable: Buying a comprehensive family health insurance plan usually is much more cost-effective than getting individual insurance coverage for each family member. Moreover, such plans generally offer a large sum insured at a much lower premium in comparison to the typical individual plans.
  • Higher sum insured: The sum insured in a family insurance policy is typically set higher to cover the whole family. Hence, even if two members of your family have to go through major medical treatment at the same time, there will be adequate Sum Insured remaining for the other members.
  • Better tax benefits: Such plans provide you tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.
  • Ideal option for a young family: It would mean comparatively lower premium payable, while being able to enjoy all the benefits and coverage hassle-free.

While you can also opt to buy individual health insurance coverage for every member of your family, choosing a comprehensive family health plan would be a much more affordable and manageable option for you, given the above benefits. A family insurance plan shall essentially enable you to fulfill the collective needs of your family in a highly economical manner.

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Wish you a healthy and happy life!

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