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One Family, One Health Insurance Plan: Comprehensive Health Insurance for your Family
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Family Health Insurance Plans in India

Quick question - do you own a car? Or are you planning to buy one?
A 4-seater? 6-seater?

Whichever model you choose, one thing is certain - the car should have enough space for all. Right? So should your health insurance plan. It is best to protect the entire family in one single plan. One policy to manage, one premium to pay and one cover for everyone!

Family Health Insurance Plans in India

Some insurers even cover joint families and extended members. A little extra premium, and you can cover your in-laws, brothers, sisters. and their families, too!

Parents are equally loved, whether they are yours or your spouse's

Family Health Plan v/s Individual Health Plan

Both the plans are quite different, specially in terms of premiums. If you go for individual plans, you will have to buy a separate policy for each family member. It would mean higher premiums for lower individual cover amount. You would also have to manage multiple plans.

In a family health insurance plan, you can go for a much higher collective cover, that too for relatively lower premium. These plans normally would turn out to be cheaper than multiple individual plans

What does
Family Health Insurance Plan cover?

A family health insurance plans covers all basics of health insurance - hospitalization expenses, ambulance charges, surgery cost, day-care procedures etc. There are many other benefits which also come with these plans

Before choosing your family health insurance plan, do look at all the features, benefits and exclusions. Then decide which one is best for your family. Some family plans allow a very easy inclusion of new family members, like a spouse after marriage or a new-born baby

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Still, life will have its challenges and some health issues might strike from time-to-time. Hence, Medical Insurance! These policies cover for hospitalization treatments, which can either be paid directly to the hospital as cashless, or reimbursed

How do you choose the
Best Medical Insurance Plans for your Family?

Now this is a really important question. There are so many insurers offering numerous family health insurance plans. Finding one which fits your needs and your budget can be tough, but it's not impossible! This is SANA Insure's area of expertise. We'll help you choose the right one.

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So, to sum it up......
What are the advantages of a Family Health Plan?

1.Easy and Hassle-Free

Same as the car example we saw earlier. Single plan for the whole family. No multiple policies to manage. No multiple premiums to remember to pay. One policy and you're done!

2.Add Family Members with Ease

A family is like a tree. It keeps growing. In a family health plan you can easily add members whenever needed. A bit of additional premium and they are covered. Heaven forbid! But if family loses some elders, the plan will still continue and coverage for surviving family members won't get impacted

3.One Family, One Plan And One Savings:

Some health insurance plans offer discounts for adding more members. Yes, you read it right! In a family floater plan, you can avail of discounted premiums and incentives. Some conditions may apply

4.Parents and In-Laws can be added, too

With small additional premium you can even add your parents-in-law. All elders in the family can then be in one single plan

You know very well how we get hit by "tax fever" every financial year….! HRA added, Loans added.... what else? Family health insurance premium receipts! Bingo!

As per Income Tax Act, Section 80D, any insurance premium which you have paid towards a health insurance plan is eligible for a tax relief. As a tax benefit, you can save up to Rs. 50,000, of which Rs. 25,000 can be towards your own health insurance and Rs. 25, 000 for premium paid for parents (age less than 60). If they are older than 60 years, you can save additional Rs. 50,000 of Tax Liability

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