Health Insurance Plans for Parents

Gift Your Parents a Good Health Insurance Policy

Health Insurance for Parents in India
Health Insurance for Parents in India

Take care of them like they took care of you
So much is asked of parents. So little is given
Give them the gift of peace of mind! Good health insurance.
You can start by exploring options for health insurance for your parents here - They don't call them the "Golden Years" for nothing!
Our parents dedicated their whole life and youth caring for us.
Now it's time for them to enjoy, relax and live stress-free

Isn't it our responsibility to ensure this?They made sure all our needs were met.
Now it's our turn. And Health Insurance is one such important need. There are so many health insurance plans available these days. Which one would be the best fit for our parents? Maybe add them to our family floater plan? Or else buy a separate one? These are good questions. And we've got the answers! SANA Insure will help you compare various options, map them to your parent's needs and pick the right one for them.

How about we start with the basics?
Maybe first get convinced on why our folks need health insurance?
If it seems right, we could go ahead with selecting and comparing some health insurance plans for them. OK? OK!

What's the big deal? Why is health insurance so important for parents?

So the deal is - there are a couple of reasons -

  • FACT: we get weaker as we age. It's no rocket science; just the cold, hard truth. Sure, our folks might seem more fit compared to the rest at their age. But they are still prone to ill-health and accidents.
  • Parents deserve to spend their retired lives happily. If and when they need medical care, it should be comforting and healing. They shouldn't be troubled by the treatment costs. Let's take the this burden off their shoulders.
  • Health insurance offers financial protection to our parents in times of poor health. All they need to do is get well soon. Their health insurance will take care of the rest.

Caring children benefit too!
"What's in it for me?", you ask?

The core benefit of health insurance is protection of financial loss. It allows us to focus on our parents' treatment and recovery, and not worry about expenses. Oh yeah, there are tax benefits too. It's up to Rs. 50,000 on their total taxable income, if premiums paid are for parents above 60 years age. For parents aged less than 60 years, the tax benefits are up to Rs. 25,000. 

Makes it worth your while, doesn't it?!

Points to remember
When buying health insurance for parents

  • Accidents or illnesses are sudden events. They are financially exhausting so always look for insurance providers who allow coverage in such emergencies
  • Look for a plan that covers pre- and post-hospitalization expenses. Those are pretty hefty too
  • Annual health check-ups are a must for the elderly. Verify that all related expenses can be covered under your desired plan
  • Any major operations that are connected with high-value expenses should be covered
  • Select an insurance policy without a hospital room rent cap. Our folks deserve to recuperate in comfort, right?!

Word of caution . . .
What is not covered in these plans?

Let's look at the exclusions and situations where claims can't be made. Like:

  • Medical charges owing to present illnesses can't be treated through a health insurance policy until the waiting period is over
  • If your parents are hospitalized without a doctor’s advice/prescription, you will not be eligible to avail privileges granted under your health insurance cover

For everything else, they pretty much get covered!

Now that you've got the basics down, let's move on