SANA stands for Eternal in Sanskrit.

SANA stands for Good in Arabic.

SANA stands for Health in Italian.

Together, SANA stands for

Eternally Good Health.


Back in 2017, the Founder Members of SANA.Insure conducted in-depth research on India's health insurance segment, and realized how low and fragmented the reach of health insurance was in India. This gap was unlikely to get bridged in the prevailing conditions of person-dependent and cost-heavy distribution models, lack of understanding of complex policy terms, below-par service levels and overall distrust caused by mis-selling.

The core team, with their global experience and interest in Insurance, Healthcare, Retail Finance and IT, formed SANA.Insure, an organization that leverages the use of digital technologies to serve the health and insurance needs of a large number of families and corporations. SANA.Insure, the health insurance platform of SANA Insurance Brokers Private Limited, has been built on the foundation of transparency, integrity, expertise and caring. The company set out to help uninsured and under-insured households get the right health insurance advice and protection through SANA Insure.

We have online API integration with 17 Health and General Insurance companies and offline partnerships with 11 other insurers. Our multi-lingual portal hosts over a hundred health insurance plans across all categories (Individual, Family Floater, Senior Citizens, Critical Illness). The product information is presented in simple language that consumers can understand easily. Our proprietary database - SANABase - has been built by product specialists and parameterized into 150+ policy features after evaluating all the health insurance plans available in the market. Our flagship initiative - SANACheck - is a unique service that allows existing policyholders to attain more knowledge of their health insurance plans in simple and easy-to-understand terms. To complement the buying journey, we have launched SANABot , an intelligent, natural-language chatbot that allows customers an interactive information gathering and purchase experience. A dedicated team of Health Insurance Experts assist buyers with unbiased advice based on needs analysis.

SANA.Insure was incorporated in May 2019 and licensed as a Direct General Insurance Broking company in February 2020 by Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI).


To provide personalized care in Health Insurance through digital technologies


To become the leading source for Health Insurance


  • CARE


The Core Leadership Team has over 100 man-years of global and national experience across Public and Private Insurance, Retail Finance, Information Technology and BFSI at large.

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