What is black fungus and white fungus condition post covid

What is Black Fungus and White Fungus Condition Post Covid?

India had started to breathe a sigh of relief after the first wave of coronavirus, when the second wave attacked. It spread faster than the first wave; and this time, the fight does not remain restricted to Covid-19. The developments of post Covid-19 symptoms pose a greater threat than Covid itself.

The second wave brought with it more complications - It caused more panic among people because cases of infection from the virus multiplied aggressively. Earlier it was restricted to less alarming post-recovery medical situations such as fatigue, weakness, etc. But the second wave is more alarming as unusual after-effects such as black and white fungus, among others, started appearing.

What is Black Fungus post Covid?

Black Fungus or Mucormycosis, like any other fungal infection, attacks a body with low immunity. It added to the horrors of the pandemic, as hospitals across the country started reporting cases of Black Fungus in fully recovered Covid patients.

The question is - why are people getting infected with black fungus after winning the battle against Covid-19? It is because in serious Covid cases, steroids are given to treat the inflammation in the lungs caused by the virus. Although steroids are necessary for the treatment of Covid-19, they have some side effects, such as a spike in sugar levels in the body. Also, Covid takes a toll on the body’s immunity. Hence, it takes a lot of time for the patients to regain their strength. The combination of low immunity and high blood sugar level creates a thriving environment for the fungus to develop. This is why many diabetic patients, after recovering from Covid, are getting diagnosed with Black Fungus.

Black Fungus usually occurs in the sinus or brain. But it can affect any body part and it spreads quickly, causing severe health problems. Some unique symptoms of Black Fungus infection are one-sided swelling of the face, black lesions on the bridge of the nose or near the tonsils, blurry vision or partial vision impairment and pain around the eyes. If left untreated, it could eventually lead to blindness, jaw-bone deterioration or even death.

What is White Fungus post Covid?

A rise in the Black Fungus cases was followed by the sudden spread of infection from White Fungus. Like Black Fungus, White Fungus also affected diabetic patients on a large scale after they recovered from Covid-19. But, unlike Black Fungus, it affected the intestines. Some reports state that White Fungus is more dangerous while others claimed that it is like a normal fungal infection. Research is ongoing but cases are on the rise on a daily basis, and fighting these fungal infections is proving to be a bigger challenge than fighting Covid.

Treatment and Post-care

After recovering from Covid, if any other discomfort occurs such as swelling or patches on the skin, then a doctor must be contacted immediately. The sooner these fungal infections are detected, the better the chances of fast recovery. Moreover, as these conditions are comparatively new, it is best to follow the doctor’s advice and take good care post Covid.

Another variant called Yellow Fungus has also been reported recently. Nothing concrete is known about this infection yet, but it could be equally deadly as Black and White Fungus. Therefore, all Covid-19 recovered patients need to take their medications on time, maintain hygiene, keep a check on their blood sugar and build up their immunity as soon as they can.

Following protocols and taking adequate precautions are the best ways to protect ourselves from the infection and other associated issues. In case anyone contracts Covid-19, they must be encouraged to not lose hope. Panicking about the situation will only make it worse. These are times to act wisely and logically. It is also important to stay prepared, hence getting health insurance for Covid-19 is advised. Given the growing serious post-Covid symptoms which are financially burdening numerous families across the country, it is crucial to ensure financial protection with the help of health insurance post Covid-19.
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