How to Handle Home Quarantine when affected by Covid-19?

How to Handle Home Quarantine when affected by Covid-19?

The second wave of Covid-19 hit our country almost as soon as things started to crawl back to normalcy. What’s worse, this time, the virus mutated into different and deadly variants, spread much faster, and hence, posed a greater threat to human lives. Cases increased manifold overnight, outnumbering medical facilities. Finding hospital beds, oxygen supplies, medicines, injections, and other paraphernalia became nothing short of a fight for life.

But not all Covid-19 cases need hospital attention. Most of the people, the percentage being as high as 80%, can recover with home quarantine under medical supervision. People with higher immunity, or those who got vaccinated, or those who detected the infection well in time can manage their symptoms and treatment with proper at-home care. With the right medical guidance and by strictly following home quarantine protocols, they can easily cure themselves at home. By handling the situation prudently and calmly, overcrowded hospitals and depleting facilities can be freed up and made available for more serious patients.

By following social distancing and hygiene norms including wearing masks and frequently sanitizing hands, we can do our part to stop the virus from spreading any further. Anti-coronavirus vaccinations are now available for the 18 plus age group. The sooner we get ourselves vaccinated, the better our chances of mitigating the situation and surpassing the probability of a severe infection affecting us.

How to handle home quarantine, and take care of cough and other symptoms?

Some of the common early symptoms of Covid-19 are fever, sore throat, dry cough, body aches and tiredness. Regularly monitor your temperature and keep a look out for some infrequent yet noticeable symptoms like diarrhea, conjunctivitis, loss of taste or smell and /or rashes on skin or discoloration of fingers. It is advisable to inform your general physician as soon as you experience these symptoms to prevent the situation from worsening.

If these Covid-19 symptoms are ignored, then they may escalate to more serious conditions such as breathing problems, chest pain / pressure, loss of speech etc. Unfortunate deaths of numerous patients were mainly due to lack of timely medical attention. Hence, it is always wise to get tested as soon as any symptom/s occur.

If the patient isn’t very serious, then home quarantine is the best solution under doctor’s advice.

Here are a few guidelines on how to handle home quarantine:

  • The foremost rule of home quarantine is to isolate the infected person in a separate room.
  • Proper ventilation and nourishing food will help aid faster recovery.
  • The symptoms must be monitored regularly and informed to the consulting doctor. The infected person should be provided with a thermometer, oximeter, and a home kit for measuring blood pressure inside the room
  • because body temperature, oxygen levels, and blood pressure are to be monitored regularly. Any unwanted or alarming result must be reported to the doctor immediately.
  • If the infected person has a cough, then warm water, steam and salt water gargling can help bring some relief. This has to be in conjunction with taking medication as suggested by the doctor.
  • The family members in charge of taking care of the infected person must maintain distance while providing food, wash hands, wear masks, and use sanitizers each time they go near the infected person’s room.
  • When a patient is advised home quarantine, it shouldn’t be taken for granted that their condition can’t get serious. Hence, it is wise to keep information on oxygen supplies, medicines and injections etc. handy, in case of any emergency.
    In situations where the doctor advises hospitalization (in-patient or domiciliary), it is crucial to transfer the patient immediately to such a facility.

Hospitalization expenses due to Covid-19 infection are quite steep and could run into a few lakhs of rupees. The increasing medical expenses in serious cases make it even tougher to fight Covid-19. The rising and complicated post-Covid conditions such as black fungus, white fungus, yellow fungus, etc., only add to the worries. In such scenarios, health insurance and Covid-19 treatment go hand in hand.

Having a Covid 19 health insurance plan should be mandatory as it provides some solace in these times of distress. While the body fights the virus, these policies help in protecting the individual and family against financial loss.

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