Smart tips to save money with health insurance

The concept of health insurance is only a few decades old in India but it has evolved. Earlier health insurance plans came with a lot of restrictions. Nowadays, there is a wide range of coverage.

With changing health problems in India, this evolution of health insurance plans was necessary. With growing health issues, insecurities and uncertainties of lives are also increasing. Every individual is likely to face health issues, but these issues can be specific to him or her. Therefore, it is illogical to expect that every policy would suit every individual. To solve that problem, the terms and conditions of health insurance policies have become flexible. They can be tailored according to the needs of the customer.

How to identify the right plan?

Buying the best health insurance plan is a tricky business. There are many options available in the market. It creates a lot of confusion for the customers looking for the right plan. Here are the points which customers must keep in mind when buying health insurance:

  • Identifying personal needs based on age: If you are young, then you have fewer chances of getting sick as compared to older people. Therefore, you get the advantage of a lower premium, but you should also think of prospective health issues based on family history and lifestyle before buying your policies.
  • The number of insured members: Are you looking for a plan for an individual or family? Insurance plans have different terms and conditions for individual plans and family plans. Therefore, having this clarity is mandatory.
  • How much premium can you afford to pay each year vs. what is the cover you really need
  • Buy early: Try to buy health insurance at an early age. It is simply because age is directly proportional to the premium rates.  Your premium will increase as you age.  In addition, as you grow older you may have pre-existing health issues, for which Insurers may refuse to underwrite your risk, or give you a counteroffer with a loading of premium which means you will have to pay extra.  If you have been covered continuously you will always pay the standard premiums with no loading.

In addition to these points mentioned, other tricks by which money can be saved on health insurance plans include co-pays, top-ups, longer waiting periods, etc. A smart combination of all these can make the best health insurance plan and help you in saving money and providing protection at the same time. Don’t pay more for higher coverage. Pay smart!


Even after these inputs, buying the right insurance can be challenging. The complicated terms and conditions of the policies can cause a lot of confusion in the process. This is where the experts of SANA.Insure assist policy buyers. They understand the personal needs of every buyer, help them compare different policies available in the market, and help them in finding the right plan for them. They want the best for every customer and hence, their advice is unbiased and reliable.

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Wish you a healthy and happy life!

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