Planning to buy best family floater health insurance plans 8 reasons to buy it online

Investing in a good family floater health insurance plan is beneficial, as it offers better and higher coverage for you and your loved ones. In many cases, insurance companies also offer the plan benefits to extended family members, like in-laws, siblings and others. Therefore, buying a suitable family floater plan will shield you and your family members from extreme financial liability during a medical emergency.
Today’s world is powered by e-commerce, with innovative technology, advanced smartphones, fast internet connectivity and wide service provider options. As a result, purchasing products online has become quicker and more convenient. This applies equally to online buying of financial instruments, such as health insurance.
8 reasons to buy health insurance online:

  1. Convenience: Accessing the internet for information and purchase has never been easier! You can browse websites for health insurance-related information at the click of a button, in the comfort of your home.
                At we have created the first ever portal in Hinglish to further improve convenience
  2. Wide options: Buying health insurance digitally has one big advantage, which is a wide range of product options to choose from. Once you have assessed your and your family members’ health conditions as well as requirements, you can access information online of various types of health insurance plans.  These range from extensive family plans, to specific policies for maternity coverage, senior citizens health needs, and critical care benefit plans.
  3. Multiple products comparison: A good website will enable you to compare multiple products at-a-go, so you can select one that best suits your needs and budget.
  4. Need-based purchase: Buying a health insurance plan online gives you full control over your final choice, as it would be triggered by your own needs’ analysis. It would not be subject to pressure to buy any particular insurer’s plan.
  5. Transparency: A reliable portal will give you all the information about policy features, benefits, terms and conditions in a transparent and unbiased manner.
    This is true of broker sites like which serve the interests of the consumer rather than the insurer

  6. Understanding terms and conditions in your own time: Health insurance policies come with complex conditions, such as exclusions, inclusions, waiting period, sub-limits, co-payment and many more terminologies. More often than not, buyers do not take the time to thoroughly understand the disclaimers and fine-print. Undertaking this exercise of buying a health insurance plan online will give you the comfort of going through the terms and conditions for in-depth understanding, at your own pace as and when time permits.
    At, information has been painstakingly converted into an easy-to-understand format, called SANABase, for convenient viewing and comparison of related product features among multiple health insurance policies. Each health insurance policy’s attributes, benefits and minute details have been parametrized into 100+ distinct features that are displayed in a comprehensive yet simple manner for the buyers’ convenience and knowledge.
  7. Online payment: With so many payment options available today, including EMI options, netbanking, credit/debit card payments, e-wallets and others, it makes it all the more convenient to transact online and purchase a health insurance policy.

SANA.Insure is a licensed general broking firm, specializing in health insurance in India. The portal,, hosts over one hundred health insurance plans meant for individuals, families, women, senior citizens, and everyone who is health and health insurance conscious! You can easily buy health insurance on in 3 easy steps

            Understand your needs >> Compare plans and shortlist >> Fill the form and pay online

The suggestions of most appropriate health insurance plans are made purely by analyzing your health needs, thus making it impartial and buyer-oriented. Complicated product details are explained in simple terms for ease of understanding. Should you require any additional information to specific queries, you can always connect with us over WhatsApp, through SANABot, an intelligent chat machine. Besides, our Health Insurance Advisors can personally guide you through any clarification you might seek.
Wish you a healthy and happy life!

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