How to Take Precautions from Covid-19?

The world turned upside down, life came to stagnation, and constant fear became part and parcel of life because of the deadly Covid-19 virus. Not long before the country recovered from the first wave, the second wave hit us with greater force. It brought with it more complicated and dreadful symptoms and proved to be a bigger threat for people of all ages; even teens and infants who were previously spared from mass infection.

The cases in most places outnumbered the availability of hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, basic medicines, and injections. Saving human lives became a hard challenge for medical experts. The situation worsened and many people succumbed to the virus even before getting medical attention.

Lack of knowledge also caused many deaths. Most people took it for granted and the rest didn’t know how to tackle the virus when infected. With proper knowledge and medical guidance, more than 80% of the cases can be treated at home. During such tough times, facilities should be used wisely, and hence, people with mild symptoms need not rush to hospitals. The hospital facilities should be left for the treatment of patients with serious symptoms.

How to prevent contracting Covid-19?

Fighting coronavirus is nothing short of a tiring battle for the body. It weakens the body and causes other long-term harmful effects on the body. Hence, it is very important to prevent contracting this virus. Here are a few ways in which it can be done:

  •     Wear masks whenever you go out. It is even advised to wear a double layer in the second wave.
  •     Step out of your homes only if necessary. Staying indoors is the best way to stop the spread of the virus. Try getting online deliveries for the necessary items or go out once a week to stock up on essentials.
  •     Vegetables and fruits should be washed thoroughly with food-safe cleansers under running water before consumption. Try leaving the online delivery packages for non-perishable items in the sun for a day or two before bringing them inside the house.
  •     Wash your hands with disinfectants at regular intervals.
  •     Avoid social gatherings, maintain social distancing in public places and follow all guidelines issued by the government to prevent contracting this virus.

 How to handle home quarantine when recovering from Covid-19?

If a person has tested positive but is only showing mild symptoms, then it is advised to stay at home quarantine. Following are a few guidelines that should be followed:

  •     The infected person should be kept separate in a room with an attached bathroom and is advised for the patient to not leave the room until he/she tests negative.
  •     Safe family members are advised not to enter the infected person’s room under any circumstances.
  •     Food, medicines, and other things should be given by maintaining all protocols – safe distance, masks, sanitizers, etc.
  •     Blood pressure, temperature and oxygen levels should be constantly monitored. The consulting doctor should be contacted immediately if the condition worsens.
  •     The infected person must rest as much as he/she can, eat healthy food, take the prescribed medicines on time and most importantly – stay positive and uphold willpower!

Post Covid-19 precautions

The battle with coronavirus doesn’t end when the report reads negative. It takes a lot of time to recover, so it is extremely important to take good care of your body during that time. Recently recovered patients are advised to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They should drink plenty of fluids, eat a nutritious diet, practice breathing exercises, keep their health conditions in check, and they should get an adequate amount of rest. They need to be patient with their bodies, take ample time to rest and recover, and rebuild their stamina, immunity, etc. If the patient feels any discomfort after recovery, medical help should be taken immediately. Sometimes, serious conditions occur in the recovery period.

How does health insurance for Covid-19 help?

Severe cases of Covid-19 require immediate and extended hospitalization, expenses of which can be quite steep. Having Health Insurance to protect against Covid-19 costs will help ease the financial burden. Corona Kavach and Corona Rakshak are the two specific policies meant to offer a fixed sum to the insured member if he / she contracts Covid-19. Expenses related to hospitalization, medication, PPE kits, domiciliary hospitalization etc. are taken care of by these plans. Besides, regular health insurance policies also cater to Covid-19 treatment costs. Of course, the amount and coverages depend upon the policy and the insurer. Undoubtedly, health insurance provides a lot of relief against mounting medical expenses. Hence, it is wise to get yourself and your family insured.

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