How can I buy Super Top Up Health Insurance Plan Online

Why Buy A Super Top Up?

Buying good health insurance helps in safeguarding your financial situation during medical emergencies. In the absence of sufficient health coverage, there is tension about paying bills as well as stress regarding unplanned illness or hospitalization. Higher health coverage comes with higher premiums to pay, and since these are payments you have to make each year, you wouldn’t want to commit to a number that is too high.

To get the protection of a high Sum Insured, you have the following choices:

  • Get a base plan with a high Sum Insured, or
  • Buy a combination of a base plan and a Super Top-Up plan.

A Super Top-Up is basically a cover that comes into play beyond a certain level of expenditure called the Deductible. If you have a combination, the base plan should cover you up to the Deductible level of the Super Top-Up plan.  Beyond the Deductible level, the Super Top-Up plan will cover your hospitalization expenses till you reach its Sum Insured.  These days, the premium you will have to pay to get a high Sum Insured is considerably less for a combination, as compared to getting it through just a base plan.

Although having a base health insurance plan is not mandatory before buying a Super Top-up plan, it benefits you to have one because of the threshold limit i.e. deductible. The Super Top-up gets activated only once the deductible amount is paid. Without a base health plan, the deductible will have to be borne by you. Therefore, it is economical to have a base health plan that covers the deductible, and buy a Super Top-up plan to increase cover. Preferably you should buy both types of policies from the same insurer. Some hospitals will support cashless claim settlement across the base plan and Super Top-up plan, only if both are from the same insurer.  In addition, there would be greater overlap in features such as network hospitals and claim settlement ratios across both plans which would benefit you.

Why buy a Super Top Up online?

It is one of the most convenient methods. From the comfort of your home or workplace you can compare multiple insurers and plans.

You just have to make sure that the portals you browse satisfy the following criteria:

  1. They should carry a good range of plans. Sounds obvious? But it isn’t. Most of us have 2-3 brands that our friends have told us about and if a portal has only those brands, we assume that is all there is.
  2. It should allow you to compare plans with ease, given your specific requirements. Also obvious? Not really. Many portals are only interested in getting your number and chasing you down to sell what they want

SANA.Insure is a health insurance portal that provides details on over hundreds of plan options, especially various health insurance top up plans.

To make buying super top Health insurance online easy, SANA.Insure is the best choice to find health insurance. In 3 simple steps you can compare, select and purchase a plan! When you log in you just have to fill in a few details, filter for super top up plans and you have different Super Top-up Health Insurance to decide from. SANA provides comprehensive comparisons based on:

(i) Coverage, i.e. pre & post-hospitalization benefits, list of illnesses covered

(ii) Premium Amount

(iii) Needs, i.e. whether for individual or family

(iv) Waiting Period for pre-existing conditions

(v) Network Hospitals

(vi)Insurer Information on claims settlement ratio, renewability of policy

SANA Insure makes the process of buying super top-up health insurance to make your claim paperless, easy, quick and hassle-free! We analyze your family details, prevailing health, medical needs to provide you several options tailored to your requirements. Our Health Insurance Specialist offers you customised advice after understanding your needs. Throughout the process beginning from in-depth plan comparisons to purchase as well as claim settlement, we are here to help. Additionally, to ensure your base plan is comprehensive you can review it through SANA Check.

We invite you to visit our health insurance portal, for access to unbiased information on over a hundred health policies available in India. You can also get in touch with us over WhatsApp chat on 8278271818 or call us on 1800 202 8118.

Wish you a healthy and happy life!

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