How do I look for network hospital coverage when I have a transferable job


A good health insurance policy ensures that you have access to quality healthcare and can avail the right treatment at a network hospital of your choice. With the ever-rising cost of healthcare, more people are buying health insurance policies to be prepared for future medical expenses. A comprehensive health insurance policy will provide you good coverage against illnesses and ailments, as well as reduce the financial burden of funding expensive treatment.

Benefits of Network Hospitals

A hospital that has an agreement with insurance companies for providing cashless treatment is referred to as a network hospital. When you buy a health insurance policy, you are provided with a list of network hospitals under the specific insurer. Apart from the policy documents, you can find this list on the official website of the insurer. All hospitals mentioned in this list, across different cities, allow policyholders to avail cashless treatment. Policyholders do not have to pay expenses (except for non-payable expenses within the policy conditions) within policy limits for taking treatment at these cashless facility hospitals.

The biggest benefit of seeking treatment at a network hospital is that medical expenses are directly borne by the insurer. This benefit means you have less stress at the time of being admitted and during the course of treatment. The insurer directly settles the bill with the hospital without you paying, provided the treatment availed is under the policy terms and conditions. Many insurance companies appoint a network of hospitals and clinics that may charge a lower fee for their policyholders. This feature makes healthcare more affordable and accessible.

Finding a Network Hospital when having a transferable job

Nowadays a lot of companies conduct their business and operations across the country, which could mean you would have to move cities for work. There are so many responsibilities when moving to a new place. If and when you need medical attention in an unknown place, finding a hospital immediately becomes challenging. In such situations, a quality health insurance plan with a reputable insurer comes of great use. Such insurance companies usually have a good All-India network with hospitals and clinics. Moreover, insurers share information about network hospitals on their company website.

What you need to look for will differ depending upon whether you are availing of employer insurance, or getting your own policy

For those who are buying your own individual policy

You can browse through the insurance company’s website to find a network hospital in the area you have moved to by entering the pin code or city name. This way you can easily find out how many network hospitals are there in your new location and find your preferred hospital. You should also check if your policy covers multiple cities, in case you work in a job role that requires frequent transfers. This is also important if your family is spread across multiple locations.

For those who are part of an employer group medical cover:

Your employer would typically have checked the geographic spread that is relevant for employee locations. But you should also check and ensure that there are sufficient network hospitals in the city that your family members reside in, if they are insured under the same plan. If the coverage is not good enough, you may want to look at a separate individual/family health policy for their needs.

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