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Health Insurance Claim Assistance

1 Are dental treatments covered in health insurance

Dental treatment is not covered under most health insurance policy unless they are required as a result of an accident being treated at a hospital.

2 Is robotic surgery covered?

Yes, robotic surgeries & cyberkinfe treatments are covered by few insurers in some plans.

3 Is obesity treatment covered?

These are usually not covered in hospitalisation.

4 does health insurance covers sports  injury case

Usually all medical expenses will be covered under a health Insurance. It is however important to disclose if you are a professional sportsperson or if you are involved in adventure sports which may be deemed as dangerous.

5 Is coronavirus disease or Covid-19 covered under health insurance?

If you have a health insurance policy, Covid19 will be covered for any medical expenses spent on its treatment just like any other disease. There has been a special guideline by IRDAI on this to all Insurance companies. There are special Covid-19 plans also available now

6 Does health insurance cover HIV?

Some companies cover HIV, but after a waiting period

7 Is Dengue covered under the health insurance?

Yes Dengue is covered by some health insurance plans

8 Is my hernia operation covered

Most Insurers cover this condition after a waiting period as per the policy.

9 Are lasik surgeries of eye covered in health insurance policy

No, it does not cover Lasik surgery

10 Can I claim for cataract treatment of my father

There may specific limits for particular treatments per claim/per year, like cataract, maternity etc.

11 Is Dialysis covered?

Yes. Dialysis is covered in Critical Illness plans by some insurers. Some Insurers may cover it as a part of Day Care cover too

12 Do you cover congenital diseases

Congenital diseases are usually not covered in retail health insurance plans

13 Is Stem cell therapy covered?

This may be covered by some insurers.