Why do Young Adults need to buy Health Insurance?

Youngsters today have access to information, products and services at their fingertips; literally! Our country’s youth is self-aware, up-to-date, and knowledgeable. They are also well informed about the tectonic shift in the health scenario compared to yesteryears. Health concerns such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and mental disorders have been affecting young adults in the early stages of life. We see, hear and read grim statistics of these life-altering illnesses impacting the younger lot, and we try and combat the issue by doing our part to remain stress-free, eat right and stay active.

However, these preventive measures alone are not enough; we must also be prepared for unforeseen medical emergencies.  Ask yourself - do I really need health insurance if I'm young? The obvious answer is Yes! A good Health insurance policy is the umbrella that absorbs the rising costs in healthcare and shields you from financial burden.

Advantages of buying Health Insurance early on in life

There is no denying that timely investment in a health insurance policy will help you in several ways. Innovative features in health insurance for young adults provide the following advantages:

Low Premium: When you embark upon your professional career in your twenties, your health parameters are sound. Since you are unlikely to fall sick easily, you can buy a health insurance policy for a low premium. A delay of ten years in purchasing the same policy may cost you a lot more, particularly if you develop any medical condition in between due to which the insurer loads additional premium. However, if you start health insurance when you are young and well, you can continue to pay a standard premium with just the normal adjustment for increasing age.

Supplementing Group Insurance: Your employer’s group health insurance coverage may not suffice considering the ever-rising healthcare costs, especially in state-of-the-art hospitals. But rest assured, you can cope with medical contingencies for illness and accidents by supplementing your corporate medical insurance with a family or individual health insurance policy.

Sensible Financial Planning: The adage “money saved is money earned” holds true as you invest in a suitable health insurance policy early in life. Just as you plan investment in other financial instruments such as Mutual Funds or Life Insurance, you must consider Health Insurance as well. Since it involves yearly renewal, incorporating health insurance premium cost in your annual financial planning activities will help you handle budgets better and save for any contingencies.

Other Benefits: As a young health insurance policyholder, you get the most cost-effective deal in coverage and accompanying features. You can comply with the mandatory waiting and survival periods to prevent claim rejection. You are also mostly exempt from pre-policy medical screening. Besides, you get the longest tenure through lifelong renewal and increased coverage through no-claim bonuses.

Extra Perks of on-time Health Insurance: The best part is income tax savings under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961, for yourself, your dependents, and your parents.

Features Young Adults should look for in Health Insurance:

The health insurance industry has evolved tremendously after the government liberalized the insurance sector in 2000. International players arrived on the scene offering innovative health insurance for young adults and other prospective policyholders to increase health insurance penetration.

Today you can even choose health insurance for students till they are gainfully employed. When looking to buy the best health insurance policy for yourself, make sure it provides the following:

Base Coverage: It covers total treatment expenses, especially during hospitalization, including boarding or room charges, doctor’s fees, diagnostic tests, surgical procedures and medication. You get the following additional benefits:

Pre and Post-Hospitalization Expenses: Doctors’ fees, investigation, and medication is covered for a specific number of days, varying with the insurer.

Day Care Expenses: Procedures that do not require overnight hospital stay are covered as per the list specified by the insurer.
Ambulance: Most insurers extend this facility up to a limit for moving the insured to the hospital.

AYUSH Treatment: You are free to avail yourself of alternative forms of treatment up to a specified limit.

Add-On: Insurers offer a host of optional riders by which you can augment your coverage suiting your medical profile and requirement by paying an additional premium. Personal accident and critical illness riders are the most popular among the defined benefits

Other Features: Insurers provide flexibility to customize plans to match your preferences: Some of the significant features that you should check for include:

Addition of Family Members: As you grow older, your responsibilities grow. You would want to buy a policy that allows you to add your spouse and your child in the health insurance policy later in life.

No-Claim Bonus: You are rewarded by a specified enhanced coverage at renewal against the same premium for every claim-free year.

Preventive Health Check-up: Insurers provide expenses for a periodic preventive health checkup to effectively deal with lifestyle health issues.

Selecting the most suitable health insurance policy may seem daunting and confusing. We at SANA.Insure provide you with all the necessary information on our health insurance portal We help you sift through the complexities in straightforward language, so you can comfortably choose the ideal health insurance plan.
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Wish you a healthy and happy life!

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