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Health Insurance Claim Assistance

1 Can I buy an individual policy when I leave a group?

Yes you can buy an individual policy when leaving a group policy cover.

2 What are the benefits of buying a top up plan?

A top-up health policy is an additional coverage for people. A regular policy reimburses hospital bills up to the sum insured while a top-up plan covers costs after a certain threshold is reached. It will be cheaper than a base health Insurance, but then you will have a deductible and you will be paid a claim only once your deductoibe amount is paid for -- by your base plan or on your own

3 What is a family floater in health insurance?

A family floater covers the family members under a single sum insured which floats among all the covered insured members. The policy has one single sum insured, which can be utilised by any/all insured persons in any proportion or amount subject to maximum of overall limit of the policy sum insured

4 What insurance should I buy when traveling abroad?

Travel insurance is a cover which is made specifically for travellers going overseas. It covers you for medical emergencies, liability and many other travel exposures.

5 What is an indemnity plan or a reimbursement plan?

In such plans, actual medical expenses incurred are reimbursed within the covered limits.

6 Which is better -individual cover or family floater cover

It is always good to have the entire family covered. It depends on the composition of your family, age of the eldest member & coverages sought, to decide on a family floater or an individual policy. Age difference between the adult members may be a critical deciding factor.

7 Is Insurance avaialble for senior citizens and can I cover people over the age of 70?

Many insurers cover Senior ctizens and some have no capping of maximum entry age. It will depend specifically onwhich plan you buy and some of them may have mandatory co-pay. Pre exiting disease will have waiting periods. Insurers may seek recent medical reports too. Please make sure you declare all existing conditions for hassle free claim setllements

8 What to look for, to buy the best health insurance

There are many features you can check to buy a health insurance, depending on your specific needs. Room Rent limits, Claim settlement ratios, Nearby Network hospitals and there are lots of other features you can look into.

9 Who all can be covered in my family health policy

Most insurers allow you to include your spouse, children and parents within family. Some companies allow in parent in laws too

10 How much health insurance shall I buy

You can decide on the Sum Insured amount based on the number of family members to be covered under the policy, the age of family members, the expected costs of treatment and the amount of premium you are willing to pay.

11 What is critical illness cover in health insurance?

Critical illness insurance is where cover is provided against select critical diseases. It is usually a benefit policy where you get lump sum upon detection.

12 can I have two policies and claim from both

Yes. However, you should first claim against one policy, until the Sum Insured is exhausted and then claim the balance actual medical expenses against the second policy.

13 What is fixed benefit product?

Under this product defined benefit is paid irrespective of actual expenses. Also benefit payable is in addition to mediclaim or any other health plan.

14 What is a top up or a Super Top up plan

A top-up health policy is an additional coverage for people who have an existing individual plan or a mediclaim from their employer. A regular policy reimburses hospital bills up to the sum insured while a top-up plan covers costs after a certain threshold is reached, called a deductible.

15 Does health insurance cover overseas treatment ?

Some insurers have plans that cover treatment aboard.

16 Does Health insurance cover Cancer treatment?

Yes it is covered. Hospitalization due to all reasons are covered. To get enhanced cover you can buy an add-on critical illness cover

17 What is the difference between Group Insurance and individual policy?

Group insurance package is purchased by an organization for the benefit of its employees. Individual insurance is bought by individuals for themselves or their families.

18 How many members can be covered in a family floater insurance policy ?

Family for health insurance usually comprises self, spouse, dependent children and dependent parents. Some insurers allow more members to be included.

19 My employer already covers me do I need to buy health insurance

Yes, it is recommended that you should. You may need a higher cover than what your employer covers you for. You may need a cover for the phase of being in between jobs, when your group insurance wont cover you.

20 Why should I buy overseas travel insurance?

Well, overseas medical expenses can be very high…travel insurance is available at minimal costs on trip basis. Receiving healthcare in a foreign country can be costly. An overseas travel insurance policy that offers adequate medical cover against medical expenses may be helpful. For very frequent travellers an Overseas Health Insurance is better

21 How is Top and Super top-up different from each other?

Super top-up plans are similar to top-up plans, except that top-up plan covers a single claim above the threshold limit or deductible , while the super top-up plan will cover the total of all hospitalization bills in the year above the threshold limit or deductible