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Health Insurance Claim Assistance

1 Do I get a physical insurance card

Yes, you will get a physical card along with the policy copy. However, a digital copy of Insurance card works fine.

2 What do you mean by hospitalisation?

Any illness requiring admission to a locally registered hospital. Hospitalisation means admission in a Hospital for a minimum period of 24 "In patient Care" consecutive hours except for specified procedures/ treatments, where such admission could be for a period o f less than 24consecutive hours.

3 Are treatments related to alcohol covered?

Cases as a a direct result of intoxication or substance abuse may not be covered in health insurance

4 Who is a health insurance broker

A Broker is an authorised intermediary representing you. Brokers are representatives of the client and independent. Sana Insurance Brokers is one of the leading health insurance broker licensed by IRDA

5 How will you find the best health insurance for me ?

We have developed a portal dedicated to help you buy health insurance. Our language is simple and our technology allows no human bias.

6 What is meaning of health insurance?

Insurance coverage that pays for medical and surgical expenses that are incurred by the insured person during the treatment of a disease or injury at a hospital. Insurers may either reimburse the insured for medical expenses incurred or pay the care provider directly.

7 Will my health insurance cover loss of income?

No, health insurance do not cover loss of income. Health insurance or medical insurance takes care of medical treatment expenses. A Daily Cash cover pays a pre-fixed daily cash for days of hospitalization - which can be used by the Insured in whatever manner they choose

8 which health insurance covers opd or Out patient expenses

There are some companies which provide OPD as optional cover.

9 Is health insurance mandatory in India

No it is not mandatory in India for individuals and families. After COVID, employers must provide some health insurance cover to employees.

10 Are insurance companies approved by government

Yes, all Insurance companies can operate only after they get a license from Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India(IRDAI), a government body.

11 Do you have a license to sell insurance ?

We are insurance brokers with a license from IRDAI.

12 are health insurance premiums tax deductible

Health insurance premium are tax deductible within limits laid down u/s 80D of Income Tax Act. From FY 20-21 onwards, these deductions will not be availabel to those who opt for the new tax regime with reduced tax rates.

13 How to insure my new born baby ?

New-born baby upto 90 days is covered under maternity benefit. After 90 days, the baby can be added in the policy by paying additional premium. Some policies cover the new born only on renewal of the parent’s insurance.

14 Are government hospitals covered under health insurance?

Yes, they are. However they mostly come under reimbursement claims, if they do not feature in the network list of your insurer.

15 where can I find health insurance policy number

It is usually printed on the top of the health insurance policy.

16 Are health insurance extras worth it

Yes. Policy Add-ons or extras are critical and useful according to your needs

17 Why is Sana better ?

We are unbiased specialists in health insurance. Our portal has simple language and comprehensive information. We will help you submit your claims when the need arises.

18 How do i make a complaint ?

You should first approach your Insurer or your broker for any policy related complaints. In case you are not satisfied with the resolution you may approach the Grievance Redressal Cell of IRDAI and if you are still not satisfied you can approach Insurance Ombudsman.

19 What is my health insurance number

Your policy number.There will be a member ID number generated by the TPA or Third Party Administrator on the health card, if you have a TPA appointed by your insurer.