Why Is Health Insurance Necessary for Asthma Patients?

27-year old Rishabh Sood* is a health vlogger and yoga enthusiast. He has a very active and balanced life, despite the strain of living in a congested and fast city like Mumbai. His interest in fitness started in his teen years when he excelled in sports and was the captain of his school’s football team. Although Rishabh was diagnosed with Asthma when he was 7 years old, his paediatrician helped him manage his symptoms by charting out an action plan for what to do as soon as he sensed any discomfort, and prescribing him an inhaler. With the right medication, breathing techniques and exercise regime, Rishabh is able to live a full and healthy life without restrictions. Today, he runs a successful YouTube channel that focuses on holistic wellbeing and practising yoga.

Unlike Rishabh, living with asthma can be a lot more difficult for many others. Breathing normally may become increasingly challenging, as the passage that carries air to the lungs gets narrowed down and begins to produce too much mucus.  An asthma patient usually suffers symptoms like a persistent cough, wheezing, chest tightness, and severe difficulty in breathing. This can be caused by a number of factors which aggravate the condition, making it uncomfortable and stressful for the sufferer.

Causes and Long-term Side Effects of Asthma

Asthma can be caused and compounded by:

  •   Allergy to pollen, mould, dust, etc.
  •   Infectious diseases such as Influenza, common cold and cough
  •   Direct or passive inhalation of air pollutants such as tobacco smoke
  •   Allergy to certain medications
  • In mild to moderate cases the inconvenience may be limited and can be managed with an inhaler under doctor’s advice. However, a severe form of asthma can be potentially life-threatening. Some of the long–term effects that an asthma patient might suffer from are:
  •   Chronic cough
  •   Non- reversible structural changes in the airways, e.g., thickening of walls of airways, increased mucus, and the inability of lungs to function normally
  •   Pneumonia
  •   Respiratory failure
  • In such cases, the implications of asthma can be serious and critical, not to mention expensive.

Why is Health Insurance Necessary for Asthma Patients?

Repeated hospitalizations and visits to doctors can drain patients and their families financially. In such an event Health Insurance can be a safety net, as the funding of medical expenses would be one less thing for the patient and caregivers to worry about, if the medical expenses are being taken care of by the Health Insurance Company.

  •   With proper health insurance the patient is guaranteed access to appropriate treatment.
  •   Asthma patients often require urgent hospitalization. If they are already covered by a health insurance company, the process of admission to the hospital can be completely cash free, convenient, and swift.
  •   There is a definite sense of financial security that is provided by investing in the right Health Insurance plan that extends ample coverage across treatments, conditions and other related medical expenses.

Key Points to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Health Insurance

There are some features that must be considered when purchasing health insurance. They are as follows:

  •   Pre-Acceptance Procedure: Insurance companies seek information from health insurance applicants regarding their medical history and ongoing health condition. Upon disclosing asthma as a medical condition, the applicant may be asked to undergo certain medical tests prior to submitting the application form for health insurance.
  •       Waiting Period for Pre-Existing Diseases: Most insurance providers club asthma under the category of pre-existing diseases. The average waiting period for some companies is 2 years while others have a 4-year waiting time. Claims related to pre-existing diseases such as asthma are accepted only once these waiting periods are over.  
  •   Exclusions: Insurance companies specify some conditions and procedures called “Exclusions” that do not get covered under the plan. Some insurers may mention Asthma as one such excluded condition. Hence, it is important to thoroughly read through this clause to ensure that your condition is covered by the plan.
  •   Day Care Procedures: Depending on the health insurance company the procedures included under day-care might differ. It is always advisable for the insurance seeker to select a company that includes a wide range of day-care procedures in its policy. Preferably, the plan should mention that all day-care procedures are covered.
  •   Add-on Benefits: Some insurance companies provide extra perks like health coaches, who work with the patients to help them better manage their symptoms. The insurance seeker should be on the lookout for such advantages.
  •   Coverage Extent: Health insurance covers provided by different companies differ in the extent to which they provide coverage. Some cover consultation costs, second medical evaluation etc., while others don't.
  •   Claims Settlement Ratio: It is always advisable to buy health insurance from a company with a high claim settlement ratio so as to avoid confusions and hassles when claims are being submitted.

The fine print and details of the above features along with all other benefits offered under the Health Insurance plan is mentioned in the terms and conditions document called Policy Wordings or Customer Information Sheet. It is important to review this document in its entirety to understand these clauses before settling on any health insurance policy or medical insurance scheme.

Asthma can be physically and mentally exhausting for the patient as well as the family members. A wholesome health insurance insurance policy will safeguard the insured member/s against financial burden at the time of hospitalization.

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