Which women’s diseases/conditions are not covered in health insurance?

Indian women nowadays are busy balancing their work and home affairs. By burning the candle at both ends, women neglect their health. Lack of proper sleep and exercise coupled with unhealthy eating habits are leading to a rise in lifestyle diseases among younger women in India. Instances of diseases like diabetes, thyroid and infertility have increased by leaps and bounds over the last decade. Life-threatening conditions such as cancer and heart disease are also increasing among young women in India.

Women's health insurance is one tool that allows ladies to take care of prevailing medical conditions and expenses. Women should be amply covered against the diseases that they could potentially face. Women can avail excellent healthcare facilities without compromising on the quality of care, when they have comprehensive health insurance plans covering their needs.

While buying health insurance, women in India should be conscious of certain factors that impact the type and coverage of their preferred health insurance:

  • Waiting period for pre-existing disease: All health insurance plans define waiting periods for certain specific health conditions commonly known as PED (pre-existing disease) or PEC (pre-existing conditions). The waiting periods differ, depending on the specific disease or condition across plans and insurers. Usually, the waiting period for such diseases is 3-4 years.
  • Maternity coverage: Some women might be keen on plans that provide maternity coverage. Many young women might want to start a family with their partner and should have protection against medical expenses related to maternity healthcare. Maternity-related hospitalization expenses are ever increasing, so women should opt for a plan that offers maternity cover as an optional or add-on benefit.
  • Value added services: Women should pay attention to preventive services offered such as free medical check-up, as many women’s conditions and diseases can be treated better if diagnosed early.
  • Infertility treatment:Majority of insurance plans do not cover medical tests and treatment relating to infertility and in vitro fertilization. However, a few insurers have started offering plans that either include IVF treatment or provide the cover as an add-on option.
  • Abortion:Any medical treatment costs related to a voluntary abortion will not be covered by insurers. If the abortion is required to protect the mother’s life in rare cases it can be covered with proof from medical professionals.
  • Protection against women-specific cancers: Cancers that affect women such as breast cancer and cervical cancer usually have a longer waiting period.
  • Age related restrictions and conditions: Elderly women in India should consider availing health cover with lifetime renewal options and post-hospitalization benefits such as nursing.
  • Network of hospitals for women’s health issues: To save time in a medical emergency, especially for treatments related to women’s diseases, ensure your insurance covers your preferred hospitals nearby.

Health insurance plans may not necessarily cover all female-oriented conditions and treatments. Therefore, it is important for women to know what to look out for, so they are able to access medical facilities without financial burden.

Don’t delay getting health insurance! When you’re in your 40s, many women-specific policies require you to get a medical screening before they can be approved. If you’re not found in the best of health, you might end up having to shell out more for your policy premium. The best gift that young women can give themselves is investing in good quality health insurance.

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