The Cost to Family for Ignoring Women’s Health

Today's woman is claiming her rightful place in society. She is strong, independent, and capable. Women handle multiple roles; a dutiful daughter, loving wife, responsible mother, equal worker and contributing citizen. Often she ends up devoting all her time and energy to everyone else around but herself.

In an average Indian household, the lady of the house is usually the last one to eat. While this may be a sacrifice willingly made by mothers, did you know that three out of four women in India suffer from at least one vitamin deficiency? Low vitamin levels can cause anaemia, weak muscles, brittle bones, depression and hormonal imbalance.

This pressure of trying to maintain healthy work/family narrative leaves her exhausted, sleep deprived and unhealthy. 71% of women in India sleep less than other members of the family due to excess household chores. And poor sleep can cause obesity, diabetes, depression and heart disease. A 2016 survey revealed that over 50% of women in India are anaemic. Iron deficiency affects the immune system and makes you prone to infection and illness. Nearly one fifth of pregnant women were reporting visual disturbance caused by chronic vitamin A deficiency in a study conducted in 2015 (Source: International Institute of Population Sciences).

These might not be immediately life-threatening conditions but in the long run the family ends up bearing the cost of ignoring the health of the lady of the household.

Debilitating illnesses specific to women are on the rise among the younger population, as opposed to the belief that older women are more prone to them. detection, diagnosis and treatment of these diseases are costly. Risks and costs increase with age. If older women needing medical attention are largely dependent on the family, the financial strain will fall upon the primary wage earner, leaving lesser disposable income for other needs of the household.

Here’s a snapshot of each condition along with related medical issues, prevalence in age group and approximate annualized cost of treatment:

*NOTE: Annualized cost calculation shown here is an estimate. Actual costs will depend upon the patient's medical history, criticality, stage of condition, pre consultation cost, tests and method of treatment

A long-term solution for financial stability during concerning times is your health insurance plan.
   - Her health insurance will need to work longer
   - Buying a policy at an opportune time helps women avail benefits of lower premiums, discounted rates and better facilities
   - There are numerous plans offered by many reputable companies, catering to varied needs. You can easily find a plan that considers and covers your present and future health matters
   - Women enjoy better tax benefits compared to men in India. Investing in a good health plan will help save more income

Whether you opt for a family policy or an individual woman-specific policy, be sure to check the full list of benefits offered by the company. Beside the assured amount and the list of diseases covered, you must also check the waiting period for pre-existing conditions, , hospitals network & charges and value added services.

No need to fret over complicated terms! We at will gladly help you through the process of selecting a health plan for you and your family. Just log on to to have a Sana Expert contact you soon.

Wish you a healthy and happy life!

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