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Planning to have a child is an exciting and challenging life decision. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, and there are many things to plan and prepare for! One important decision that should be taken well in advance is to get adequate health insurance cover for the expectant mother.

With rising medical inflation, pregnancy and delivery costs have become expensive. Pregnant women are prescribed numerous tests and scans along with prenatal medication. The expenses, when totaled, can be quite high. Maternity health insurance reduces the financial stress, and the parents-to-be can instead focus on the wellbeing and care of the expectant mother and baby.

Benefits of Maternity Health Insurance Plans

  • Maternity health insurance covers expenses related to the delivery of your baby (both regular and caesarean).
  • Additionally, such plans include pre and post Natal costs as well as treatment for complications during pregnancy.
  • Another big benefit is newborn cover (up to a specific number of days from birth) which covers the newborn baby’s medical expenses and vaccinations costs. These may also provide protection against external congenital diseases.

Important Points to consider when purchasing Maternity Health Insurance

  1. Waiting Period: Insurance companies label pregnancy or maternity as a pre-existing condition. Hence, they will not cover maternity expenses if you have purchased a policy after becoming pregnant. Some corporate or group health insurance plans provide maternity benefits while being pregnant (but with specific limits). Therefore, it is ideal to buy health insurance with maternity cover as soon as possible.
    Most maternity insurance plans have a waiting period of 9 months to 4 years (some as high as 6 years), depending upon the policy taken. You should plan to buy your health policy early on so that the waiting period is over by the time you are prepared to have a baby.

  2. Maternity Plan Choices: There are different options for maternity cover within health insurance plans. One choice is to have it included as a cover under your comprehensive health insurance plans. Another option is to purchase maternity health insurance which usually has a smaller waiting period.

  3. Check inclusions and exclusions: Maternity plans have different benefits that are provided. When deciding which plan to purchase, it is important to compare the different criteria essential to you and your family.

Maternity Health Insurance plans available on SANA.Insure

SANA.Insure has hundreds of plan options from 16 insurance companies to choose the ideal policy for your family with maternity benefits.  For example, SBI General Insurance Arogya Premier Policy and Care Health Insurance – Joy both have a waiting period of 9 months with higher cover.
SANA Insure is a health insurance platform here to help you select the best maternity health insurance plan to buy, suited to your requirements. We have summarized maternity benefits across plan types related to maternity coverage, waiting periods, room rent limits and more! We invite you to visit the portal to learn more about Maternity Health Insurance plans on SANA.Insure.

Wish you a healthy and happy life!

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