Infant Vaccination And Health Insurance


Mrs. Bhatia was crying tears of relief and exhaustion when she held her just-born baby girl for the first time in her arms, terrified and in awe of the delicate and helpless infant. Within minutes the nurse gently took the baby away to administer her first injection of Vitamin K, which helps blood to clot normally. A few days later she received her initial vaccinations - BCG which helps prevent tuberculosis, OPV (Oral Polio Vaccine), to protect against polio and Hep-B1, to immunize against Hepatitis-B. The doctors shared a baby vaccination chart with Mrs. & Mr. Bhatia and explained the importance of immunization against common preventive illnesses. The couple were happy knowing that their precious little bundle of joy was being cared for by such competent doctors, no matter the cost.

Vaccinations are important for your baby's health:

There are numerous vaccines given to babies throughout the initial months and years to safeguard them from various illnesses. Since an infant's immunity system is yet to develop, administering vaccinations on time will protect the baby from diseases and help sustain proper growth. Many childhood ailments such as pneumonia, tetanus, measles etc. are easily prevented by providing timely vaccines.

Prevention Is better than cure!

Ideal Health Insurance Plan to protect your child:

Investing in a family health insurance plan will cover numerous medical costs and treatments for the parents and the child. Plans that have a maternity component, typically would also account for vaccine costs for your child. An ideal health plan would be one that offers extra protection for your newborn in the form of treatment for infant ailments, and inclusion of vaccine costs. If you already have a family health plan, you should check if it covers vaccination.

Points to Consider:

Adequate Sum Assured: The cover for vaccination ranges from Rs 5000 to Rs 10,000. Considering the exponentially increasing medical costs and cost-of-living, it would be appropriate to opt for a higher sum assured, to cover your family's medical costs. This will take care of future contingencies and relieve you of the stress of organizing funds in times of urgency.

Other factors to look at are what you would consider for any health plan:

Category of cover: Choose a policy that covers most expenses related to pre-, in-patient and post-hospitalization treatments, such as room rent, cost of medicines and equipment, doctor's fees etc.

Hospitals Network: Look for a plan that has a wide network of clinics and hospitals that are easily accessible from your residential area, so that no time is wasted getting your child admitted, should they ever take ill.

Additional Benefits: Many policies offer perks in the form of no claim bonus, free check-ups, advice from paediatricians, ambulance costs etc. Seek this information to gain a complete picture of what you can expect in your policy's features.

Sana.Insure can help you assess comparative information on various policies available in the market and determine which plan is best suited for you and your child. Sign up on and submit some basic information, and a Sana Expert will reach out to you for detailed discussions and evaluation.

Wish you a healthy and happy life!

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