Importance of Health Insurance for Patients with Hypertension

Importance of Health Insurance for Patients with Hypertension

The incidence of hypertension is increasing steadily as more and more people are falling prey to this silent killer. According to a study conducted by the National Family Health Survey-4, 11% of the Indian population suffers from hypertension. Hypertension, in itself may not be a very potent illness, but its long-term effects are quite damaging. Uncontrolled hypertension can lead to aneurysms, damaged or narrow arteries, heart failure, kidney related complications and the like. These illnesses require advanced and extended medical treatments that are quite expensive. Bearing the costs of such expensive treatments can result in a financial drain. This is where a good health insurance plan becomes important and can help.

Benefits of Health Insurance Plans for Patients with Hypertension

  • Lifelong Coverage
    Health insurance plans are renewable lifelong. You can, thus, enjoy coverage even in your old age if you renew the policy continuously.
  • Accidental Coverage from Day 1
    A health insurance policy covers accidental injuries from the first day itself. There is no waiting period or conditions imposed on accidental coverage even if you suffer from hypertension.
  • Coverage for Vector-borne Diseases and Pandemic
    A health insurance policy takes care of hospitalization expenses arising out of treatment for diseases such as Malaria and Dengue which are seasonal in nature and can affect anyone at any time. Moreover, your health insurance will also protect you for Covid-19 hospitalization expenses.
  • Hypertension Coverage after the Waiting Period
    Hypertension as a condition or pre-existing disease has a certain waiting period to serve, before you can claim for medical expenses related to hypertension. Once the waiting period is over, coverage would be allowed for medical complications arising out of hypertension.
  • Add-on Coverage Benefits for Enhanced Protection
    Health insurance plans allow additional coverage (over and above what is offered in the base plan) via add-ons or riders, to help you enhance the scope of coverage of the policy. You can opt for cardiac care add-ons or critical illness add-ons and get an additional layer of protection in your health insurance plan.
  • Organ Transplant Coverage
    Almost all health insurance plans allow coverage for organ transplant surgeries (often in the form of add-ons or riders). Besides the cost of transplanting the organ, the cost of the donor’s hospitalisation and harvesting the organ could also get covered. So, if hypertension causes damage in any major organ, you can avail of organ transplant surgeries and get such surgeries covered under the scope of the plan.
  • Coverage for Day Care Procedures
    Day care procedures are surgical interventions that you undergo at a medical centre for less than 24 hours due to advanced medical treatments. Such procedures are also covered under the policy.
  • Cashless Treatments
    If you get treated at a network hospital, you can opt for cashless settlement of claims. Under such claims, the insurer pays your medical bills directly to the hospital. Moreover, the documentation is also simpler and so your claim process becomes hassle-free.

Important Factors to Consider when buying Health Insurance for Patients with Hypertension

Many people believe that if you are hypertensive, you would not be allowed to get health insurance coverage. This is a myth. Health insurance is available even if you have hypertension. However, when offering the coverage, insurers impose certain terms and conditions on covering hypertension. These might include the following –

  • Pre-policy Health Check-ups
    When you declare hypertension in the proposal form, it constitutes an adverse medical condition. Insurance companies, therefore, may insist on pre-entrance health check-ups to test your blood pressure levels before offering the coverage. If the check-ups show manageable levels, the policy is issued. In extreme cases, you might suffer rejection.
  • Premium Loading
    Almost in all cases, if you suffer from hypertension, the premium amount is increased for the additional risk of covering your health with the disease.
  • Pre-existing Waiting Period
    Hypertension constitutes a pre-existing illness. As such, a pre-existing waiting period is applied when you buy the policy. Coverage for medical complications due to hypertension is allowed after the pre-existing waiting period is over.

Every case is considered individually and, depending on the underwriting practices of the insurer, the right course of action is taken.

IMPORTANT – The benefits and features extended by health insurance differ from plan-to-plan and from insurer-to-insurer. Prior to finalizing a policy that is meant to serve you for a long time, it is vital that you thoroughly scan the Policy Wordings or Customer Information Sheet for complete information on all the specific terms and conditions regarding coverage.

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