Health Insurance Plans for Children are a need of the hour. Read on to know why it is vital for your child's wellbeing.

One of the greatest gifts in a parent’s life is their children – their pride and joy. But those decades from when they are born till, they become independent flash in the blink of an eye! The experience of watching them blossom from the time they take their first awkward step till they become responsible adults with families of their own is thrilling and exciting. Yet, it also causes parents constant worry about their health and wellbeing. Infants are vulnerable from birth, and the young ones are prone to accidents at the drop of a hat. Even teenagers often fall sick due to poor diet, lack of exercise, hormonal changes and stress.

Of course, as parents we do all that we can to keep our children safe from poor health. We ensure that they have a balanced diet plus ample play time to stay healthy and active. As responsible parents, we must also be adequately prepared for unforeseen circumstances of ill health or accidents. One of the best ways to deal with this worry is to plan for your child’s health needs.

Buying health insurance is one of the first steps in health planning for kids. With the increasing cost of medical care, it is sensible to invest in a Plan for Children especially during their growing years when they are more susceptible to diseases and illnesses. Health Insurance for kids is important because it provides some security and safeguards you from a huge impact on family finances.

Children across distinct age groups have different health needs. Here’s how Children’s Plans help take care of them:

  1. Newborn Babies: Newborn babies require regular checkups for monitoring developmental milestones as well as regular vaccinations. Additionally, costs for treating birth defects and related illnesses are high. These health expenses are not always covered by default in a plan. And even if they are covered, it could be by virtue of opting for Maternity Benefits in the plan. Typically, policies with maternity benefits may extend cover to newborn babies up to 90 days (this is insurer and plan-dependent). So, in order to avail benefits of newborn baby cover and vaccination costs cover, it would be crucial to opt for maternity benefit in which the mother is amply covered. Usually, such maternity plans have the option to cover delivery expenses, newborn babies’ medical expenses and vaccinations cost (up to a specific number of days from birth).
  2. Young Children: Ensuring a healthy childhood is every parent’s aspiration. An obstacle to this is the prevalence of various infectious diseases like diarrhea, diphtheria, and measles among infants and children. In order to protect young children from such infectious diseases, it is imperative to have regular check-ups with a pediatrician. Treatment of these illnesses if they turn serious and need hospitalization can be expensive, so having your child covered by health insurance is important.
  3. Adolescents: Aside from being exposed to vector-borne diseases such as Malaria and Dengue, older children are vulnerable to injuries, as accidents can easily occur during play. In these scenarios, having health insurance provides parents with peace of mind about hospitalization expenses arising from injuries and diseases.

Children can be insured for health via two options:

  1. Individual Child Health Insurance Plans – Individual Policies for children in India provide comprehensive health coverage, ensuring hospitalization costs to be protected. The Sum Insured amount is available independently for the child to be utilized individually in any given policy year. This means adequate coverage for your child without compromise. Moreover, there are a variety of benefits like lower premiums and no pre-policy medical screening (unless there is any existing or prior medical condition). All the other benefits that the plan offers are also extended to the child, for example no-claim bonuses and family discounts, to name a few.
  2. Family Floater Health Insurance Plans – Family Floater in India cover the entire family with a combined coverage amount. Typically, health insurance for family policies can cover up to a maximum of four children under one family floater policy. The family in this option shares the sum insured amount for most medical expenses. Subsidiary expenses such as OPD coverage and alternate treatment options depend plan-to-plan.

One key advantage of getting children insured at an early age is that waiting periods as specified by the plan can be served very early on in their life. By the time they come of age when they could be prone to lifestyle ailments, they would become eligible to get covered well in time from having taken health insurance at a young age. Besides, a good plan from a reliable insurer will mean access to superior quality treatment for your child at a network hospital nearby, that too for cashless admission.


Getting health insurance for children early on in life will protect from financial troubles and ensure timely access to good medical treatment if and when they take ill.

The combination of features, benefits and coverage offered vary across insurers and policies. Therefore, it is critical that the policy terms and conditions (Policy Wordings or Customer Information Sheet) are read and understood thoroughly prior to finalizing a plan for your child and yourself.

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