Covid-19 The Path to Recovery and Aftercare

Covid-19: The path to Recovery and Aftercare

All of us know the basic mantra of how to avoid Covid-19 infection by now – that is social distancing, wearing face masks, and regularly sanitizing your hands and other objects that you handle. In addition, with various vaccinations being manufactured by multiple pharmaceutical companies, vaccine intervention is the recourse in the absence of any definite remedial treatment. But effective containment would happen only when a substantial population is vaccinated.

We have come a long way since the launch of the world’s largest Covid-19 vaccination drive in January 2021. It is advisable to register yourself as soon as possible to get your first jab of the Covid-19 vaccination, and schedule yourself for the next dose within the prescribed time period. Meanwhile, you must continue to follow the suggested protocols to prevent further spread of the coronavirus.

Post Covid-19: The Path to Recovery and Aftercare:

The second wave of the pandemic led to far more cases of high-risk infection than the first wave. There were many mild cases too that were reported, and these were manageable with at-home quarantine and medication prescribed by the consulting physicians. The disease tends to leave its footprint, in varying degrees of severity, on the body for a while. Your immunity remains compromised; perhaps opening the doors for the newly detected second round of infections such as Black Fungus and White Fungus and the Delta variant.

However, the stubborn and nasty Coronavirus microbe damages your organs if your symptoms were moderate or severe. Your body needs Covid-19 aftercare to recover completely. You must adhere to the following under medical supervision:
Adequate Rest: You need to take it easy even after testing negative for Coronavirus. Doctors have advised a gradual return to your usual routine to prevent the onset of a secondary infection as your body systems are still weak.

Healthy Diet: Nutrition is key to your early recovery to good health. Proteins in small portions to repair the body, fruits, and sufficient water to keep the body hydrated are recommended for a smooth recovery.

Moderate Exercise: Mild exercises improve your blood and oxygen circulation to benefit the recovering body. It generates the much-required endorphins or “happy hormones” after a bout of Covid-19. But remember not to push yourself too hard.
Play Memory Games: Covid-19 is known to leave its stamp on your neurological health. It helps to heal by playing a few memory games like Sudoku, Crossword, etc.

Use the Oximeter: Just because you have recovered from Covid-19 by testing negative does not indicate that you are entirely healed. Use an Oximeter frequently to check the Oxygen saturation. If you find the count fluctuating or going below 90, you must visit the doctor.

Other Symptoms Alert:  It is essential not to let your guard down during the post-Covid-19 recovery phase. Any symptom indicating lung and heart damage must ring the alarm bells for immediate medical attention.
Covid-19 Treatment Costs:

For Covid-19 symptoms that are moderate or severe, hospitalization is mandatory if your doctor advises so.  Covid-19 treatment is costly as the protocol mandates isolation, sanitization, protective gears for the medical staff, including nurses and doctors, apart from intensive medication and care.

Covid-19 takes a heavy toll on your physical, mental, and financial wellbeing. It is not only you who is devastated; your entire family may suffer from its onslaught. If you are unfortunately not covered by any health insurance, you are sure to experience a big hole burning your pocket

Health Insurance Plans that cover Covid-19 treatment:

IRDAI has issued guidelines for the Insurers to roll out special plans for Covid-19. Accordingly, two standard Covid-19 health insurance plans have been launched with uniform features across all Indian insurers.

Corona Kavach Policy: It covers hospitalization and home care Covid-19 treatment costs. The policy covers all the standard covers specific to Coronavirus including consumables. The policy offers a sum insured from Rs.50,000 to Rs.5 Lacs, covering the entire family.

Corona Rakshak Policy: The exclusive Covid-19 insurance plan pays a lump-sum fixed amount on being diagnosed with COVID-19 by a Government authorized centre. The sum insured coverage from Rs.2.5 Lacs to Rs.5 Lacs pays for all the Coronavirus related expenses, including consumables.

Moreover, all insurers have incorporated Covid-19 treatment in the existing health insurance policies.
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