Are a child’s immunization/vaccination costs covered under health insurance?

It is necessary to protect young children from developing diseases that could compromise their health on a permanent basis. Parents should vaccinate their children as early as recommended, for a healthy growth and defence from preventable ailments. Vaccines offer a certain level of immunity against diseases such as measles, chickenpox, hepatitis and tetanus. Vaccinating babies right from birth brings down stress for parents too, as they needn’t worry too much about their child contracting illnesses.

Purchasing health insurance for families and children is one of the first steps to secure your child’s health. Health insurance for families can cover day care procedures, pre-and-post hospitalization expenses, as well as annual health check-ups. These benefits enable you to monitor your family’s health, including that of your new-born child. Increasing competition has resulted in health insurance companies trying to provide additional benefits and features such as covering children’s immunization costs. Having vaccination costs covered is a valuable feature and can be provided through a variety of plan options such as maternity insurance or family floater plans.

Many maternity insurance plans include coverage for new-born babies. New-born babies could be automatically covered up to a period of 90 days from birth, which can include vaccinations. Some insurance policies extend the scope of immunization coverage for mandatory vaccinations up to one year after the birth of your child. They may also be generally insured from birth till the next policy year, if the maternity claim is admissible under the health plan. The amount of coverage provided, and duration covered, will depend on your specific plan.

Another method to ensure your children’s immunizations are covered is through availing a family floater. Family floater plans cover the primary holder, spouse, as well as up to 4 children (depending on the plan). The new members can be added to the plan as early as 90 days after birth. The benefit of such a plan is that infant vaccinations and additional health concerns are covered. As the children grow, they will be included as separate entities under the plan.

Many policies that cover children immunizations offer other perks such as free check-ups, advice from pediatricians and a no claim bonus. The benefits offered differ among insurance providers and their policies, so it is important to check with your insurer. Even within a vaccination cover, policyholders are recommended to be fully aware of which vaccines are included, and which are not. This is important as it will help to prevent any claim rejections.

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